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The best stuff I've written is at my home site,  I am a professional Maine Guide and inveterate naturalist who is also a compulsive writer and individual rights activist as well as a family historian and genealogist. offers a panoply of my work and services.  Follow any of the links on this page. These are all safe, static pages with no annoying pop-ups or data-mining features. If you ever find your way back out, feel free to let me know what you think.

I maintain several blogs, each with its own focus.

Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945) was America's fiercest social critic, even perhaps until now.  He deplored the manifestations of big government, as it was being practiced almost 100 years ago and wrote the most ascorbic, elegant, and eloquent observations of what he saw.  I have begun this web log in order to bring some of Nock's more important points back onto the world stage where he can be appreciated once more.

As a Registered Maine Guide with a bachelor's degree as a wildlife biologist, I seem to have an uncommon grasp of personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, simpler ways, and an appreciation for the wilderness that is the northern half of Maine.  At this web log I just bring in some of my almost anti-urban  observations on life.

I have a couple of other blogs as well as a couple of Shutterfly sites open to view, which you may find if you visit

I'm sort of on Facebook, but it is not my choice for communicating.  I strongly promote Google+ as an alternative and I'd much rather encounter people there who are interested in what I have written.

I've tried eBay and find it useful now and then, but I have a little shop called Woodhenge at Etsy. Just pay it a quick visit and you'll see a few items I've made from wood plus some other things that I'm offering to anyone interested in it.

This keeps me busy when I'm not punching the clock for that other 40 hours a week!
=David A. Woodbury, Lincoln, Maine=

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